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We are Attacoeurs 

Our services: Pilot project or workshop modules


In a project-based approach, we set up a multidisciplinary team that works together with our client on a current project.

Solving a real problem brings more than just the benefit of a solution. It creates a lighthouse of how a different team composition and approach can be successfully implemented in your organisation.


We accompany organizations through a guided series of four workshop and training sessions that build on one another. 

On this basis, our experts from the fields of corporate management, innovation, product design and branding work together with you to develop a company specific roadmap towards the circular economy.

Circular Economy Awareness

The company undergoes an assessment along a Circular Economy Maturity Model. Hereby, the organization is familiarized with the mechanisms and opportunities/challenges of the circular economy, analyzes its own status quo and develops a roadmap for the next steps.

Circular Product Design

In a workshop setting, the company learns to understand and improve its own products and their potentials in terms of the Circular Economy (design for repairability, reassembly, recycling, no waste...) and develops the blueprint for a circular supply chain to guarantee resource recycling for its own products and parts.

Circular Business Models

In this workshop, new business models are developed, prototyped and tested around basic strategies, such as "retain product ownership" or "product life extension".

Circular Brand Development

The company develops its own narrative for a circular brand. On the one hand, it has internal appeal in the sense of sustainable corporate management, and on the other hand, it appeals to customers - for sustainable customer relationships and for opening up new market segment.

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